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Curriculum Rationale

English Maths
Our English curriculum is designed to create articulate communicators; enthusiastic, critical readers; and responsive listeners.
Through reading and listening to carefully selected quality literature our children learn to love reading, understand a range of texts and appreciate the craft and power of writing.
Children write creatively for real purposes and audiences, drawing on literacy skills taught systematically throughout the school.  They are encouraged to develop their own voice using their ideas, imagination and opinions in English and throughout the curriculum.
Our maths curriculum enables every child to become a mathematician.
They are taught fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills to ensure they are fully equipped for the future. We enable children to think mathematically and apply their skills confidently in a range of contexts.
We also foster an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.
The Arts
Mental & Physical Wellbeing
The Arts curriculum is designed to engage and inspire children by introducing them to a variety of artistic forms.  Children are given the chance to explore and express themselves through a range of creative mediums. 

As children progress through The Arts curriculum they are taught specific skills and given opportunities to explore these both collaboratively and individually. 

Children are given the opportunities to appreciate and be inspired by the arts in the wider world whilst also being given purposeful outlets to celebrate their own achievements as artists.

Our aim in Mental & Physical Wellbeing is for children to be happy and healthy in mind and body and to be able to look after themselves and others.

As they progress through the curriculum children learn from a range of experiences to recognise and develop resilience, determination and self-confidence alongside the skills of teamwork and collaboration.

This complete mind set sets them up to be aspirational as they tackle future challenges and move forward into adulthood.

Science & Technology
Understanding People & Places
Our Science & Technology curriculum is designed to enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of how things work. 
Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions about processes and concepts in the world around them. 
Through a range of real experiences children are given opportunities to develop practical skills to test ideas and solve problems allowing them to develop resilience and the ability to learn from and persevere if things go wrong.
Understanding People & Places is an integral part of living in the world today.  Our curriculum is designed to create confident children who are knowledgeable about and responsible for the world both locally and globally.

As they progress, children will have a range of opportunities to be able to work collaboratively demonstrating tolerance and respect for all.

Our aim is for children to be able to articulate their understanding from the past and present and use it to influence their daily and future choices.

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